Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is Here!!!

Summer is finally here! Everyone was so happy that school was out! all the kids went out with their friends and partied! It was so hot on the last day of school so everyone wanted to get wet! Olivia went swimming in her friends pond, Millie went bridge jumping, the twins just played with their friends! at the end of the eventful day our great dad got a projector and put a movie on the side of the house! It was way awesome!!:) While all of this was going on back home, Hayden was in Zions National Park! He went there for his senior trip! He went hiking, rock climbing, and mostly repelling! We were all so nervous because he has never done this kind of thing before! He went with 3 of his friends! They were gone for a whole week!! They stayed in a tent and had a blast! Hayden loved it!! Now that summer is here we will be even more busy! Its going to be crazy!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hayden Graduated!

May 21, 2009 was a great day!!! Our very favorite son graduated from Madison High School!!! He is totally amazing!!! We all love him so much and the whole family was their to offer their congratulations!! Way to go HAYDEN!!!

On May 27 Hayden graduated from Madison high School! Yay!! it was a way good ceremony and it was so cool to see Hayden graduate! We took so many pictures! oh and even Abbie and Brek came up! it was way fun!!