Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Water fun!

On the 18th of July Jolene and her kids came up and it was fun to see them! Abbie and Brek also came up! So it was just a big party! Jolene left the next Monday. Abbie and Brek got to stay the rest of the week. while they were here we did so many fun things! We got to go see the new Harry Potter! Which was SO good! It was defiantly one of our favorites! Then we got to go and float a canal by our house! It was so hot so it felt so good! We all got a tube..Abbie's and Brek's was a little huge! So they didn't fit under all of the bridges. So they next time around we let some air out of their tube so we could all fit under all o9f the bridges! It was so fun! Even though the tubes flipped over!;) On the 24th it was Olivia's 16th birthday!!:) Our dad took her on her first date! He re-wrote the song "My Heart Will Go On" from the titanic and changed the words to ask Livi on a date! Olivia has been obsessed with the Titanic lately and in Idaho Falls there was a Titanic Museum! So they went down there and went to that and lunch! They had such a fun time! Then when they came back we opened presents! She got so many fun things! Her friend Sean gave her the cutest present ever! Then we went bridge jumping! We all had a blast!:) We ended the day with cake and a movie! It was a fun week!

Brek Being Harry Potter!!:D

Abbie and Brek trying to get situated on their

Waiting for Abbie and Brek to come..

Olivia and issy trying to stop and wait for
Abbie and Brek too...haha.

We finally got it!! WOOHOO!

Hayden and Gabi!:)


Issy and Olivia!:)

Coming out from under the road! It was a tight
squeeze but we all made it!:)

We all made it!!!:D

The date!

Millie and Olivia!

Olivia and the twins!

Olivia and Hayden!

Olivia, Brek, and Abbie!

Olivia with mom and dad!

Olivia and Sean!:)

Sean's present!

Hayden bridge jumping!

Olivia, Sean, and Millie!

Brek and Hayden..the wanna-be studs!;)

Sittin on the log!

Loner Abbie!!!!!!

Hayden's flying!!!!!

All the kids!

The three studs!

The three girls waiting to jump!!

All the kids posing on the bridge!

Issy jumping!

Gabi jumping!

Sean's awesome backflip!!!

Millie, sean, and livia!

Our cute daddy!

Happy Birthday Liv! We all love you!!!:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Fun!!

This is what er did with that cool 'Picnik' site!

This summer has been VERY eventful!!!! We have been four wheeling, which was a blast! We went some place in the mountains and Abbie and Brek even got to come! We also have been to lava! but we forgot to take the camera! The twins got their ears pierced! Gabi was just fine and laughed the whole time they did it! But when it was Issy's turn she was so scared! The first ear was just fine...but the next ear was horrifying! she cried the rest of the day! haha. Fourth of July was so fun! We all got matching shirts and went to the parade, had a BBQ, watched a couple of movies, took a drive, and then did fireworks! Me and Olivia dyed our hair! i went dark and cut it short. Olivia dyed hers lighter and got some layers and such haha. Me and Olivia also just got back from girls camp! It was so fun! we went to the Playmill in West Yellowstone and saw the play Footloose! It was SO good and so fun! We also got to go canoeing, hiking, and so much more fun stuff! We also got to go to Utah! We helped our grandpa with his yard and went swimming at his Country Club. That sunday our cousin, Mike, had his farewell! So it was fun to go to that too! and then Abbie showed us this cute website called and it lets you do cool stuff with your we have had fun with that too! So that about sums up what has happened the last few weeks!!

Mike's Farewell

Country Club!