Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We at the Carter House are so very lucky because we have the best Daddy in the whole wide World!!!! We love him so very much!!!! So we would like to show you a few pictures of our wonderful Dad!

it's been forever since we posted sorry mom has been sick

this is right before mom went in for surgury, mom was really nervous so Abbie let her secret slip about the baby to give mom something to live for.
the medicine is working pretty good mom is is lala land
Mom trying to say I love you to daddy because mom was really scared she was going to die.
mom was really good at faking she felt good and putting a smile on her face.
here she as FATTY PATTY this was her before she lost the 40 pounds!

Since about the month of January Mom Carter has been really really sick. She hasn't been able to eat anything or if she tried everything went right through her. We went to doctor after doctor and no one could figure out what was wrong with her. We did find out that she did have some lumps in her breast that needed to come out and that really scared her and that didn't help with the stress of not feeling well. Finally we found a doctor who listened, really listened and we found out it was her gall bladder. After losing 40 pounds and 100% of her energy on May 16th we got the gall bladder taken out, the breast lumps taken out (no malignant lumps) Yea!! and we started on the road to recovery. Sorry to let you know it has been very slow. Mom was so low when she went into surgery from not eating for five months that she is still not feeling very well and needs to take a nap everyday. Through lots of prays and fasting we all know that she will get better, it might take time but that is good because time is what we have. Good luck mom we love you and we want you to get feeling better!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Babies are ELEVEN!



Dear Twins,
You are still our little babies! NO way can you already be 11! Oh how I miss carrying you in my arms, putting binkies in your mouths, and watching you do your cute belly laughs when we would play peekaboo. Now you always want to wear my clothes, put make up on, and "hang out" with friends ( they don't use the word "play" anymore, it's sooo second grade).
STOP GROWING UP! You need to stay babies forever deal?
But I guess I can't stop time, if you insist on growing up I must let you but you will always be my baby sisters.
You both are already so beautiful, talented, and kind. Could you stop you're making me look bad! I will always cherish our lunch dates to applebees and kiwi loco, and the times we have sleepovers in my bed. That can't stop you know, we are gonna have lots of sleepovers in my apartment!


I sure do love you. Our family would be so boring without you guys. You are amazing girls. You both are so different and I love it, but I love that you are best friends even more. Don't stop being best friends okay. Have a fabulous year! Don't grow anymore, especially you gab you're almost as tall as me!!
Your big sister Livi


Alright, so me being the loving sister that I am woke up extra early to make them breakfast in bed. Seems like everyone does that right? Well let me tell ya breakfast for iss and gab at seven the morning equals BIG THUMBS DOWN! As seen in the picture above they were still asleep and not exactly hungry.... Next year I'm gonna stick to the Happy Birthday song when they wake up.
The day was great though, they got fun presents, root beer floats for their class, and we even all went to pizza for dinner (me and mill enjoyed that part most)! Overall... girls eleventh birthday... was a SUCCESS!



To end the week they were in the annual fifth grade COLUMBUS play. Now this was the fourth time someone in our family was in this play so of course we were all singing the songs in the audience! Oh great times in Mrs. Lewis's class! The girls were awesome ship rats, very fashionable rats I might add. They sang their song and danced their dance perfectly! Natural for us carters I guess haha.




We love you girls! You rock our socks. You make our family so happy :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello, Olivia here. Just thought I would take a turn writing a post. Over Labor Day Weekend we had our annual CARTER FAMILY REUNION! Do you know what this means? All us Carter's cram in our house all weekend (Luckily we have a cousin that recently moved here so all the cramming was split in half. WAHOO!) Meals are served in the garage, crafts are covering the floor, boys wake up at 6.... AM to go golfing, and most importantly we all participate in.... can I get a drum roll please............ THE CARTER FAMILY GAMES!!!! HOORAH!

Meet The Blue Team

The Green Mean Fightin' Machines

The Orange.... um.. Players!

The Yellow "No time for pictures" Team

and of course the best saved for last
The Pink everyone else STINKS TEAM! AKA we run this shindig.
Our weekend consists of planning the games so all the other peeps can have a good time. That's right we do it all for you Family, and I would have say this was one heck of a reunion!

Now before i give you the whole LOW DOWN in pictures let me explain how these little games all work out. As you see above we split our family into four teams. Finding out what team you are on is the best. Before we started us pinkies hid easter eggs around the yard. Everyone had to find their egg which was their team color. This one is my favorite. I get to enjoy watching them all run wild as they try to find their egg. HA HA. After this is done the Games BEGIN!! These are tough games people, seriously we have cheering, running, cookie shovin', bums being slapped with newspaper, Simon says, and if we are lucky we also get to see some girlies WETTING their britches (if ya know what I'm sayin')!

Here we go lets see this all in action shall we....

The Games were AWESOME and congrats the THE GREEN TEAM! They won First place with the lovely reward: A PLUNGER :)

What made this weekend perfect was well this...
(Highlight then right click and click 'openURL' to watch)

YES our family is very proud of our hard work and awesome dance skills. Thank you to me for editing and and thank you to Millie and Lacie (and me again) for choreographing and lastly thank you to mike for being our lovely video man.

Thank you Family for spending the weekend with us! We were sad for those that couldn't make it this year, but don't worry next year will be even more ROCKIN!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Millie is one brave girl. She went to EFY in Provo all by herself, she didn't know anyone in her group or even her roommate. She went with a great attitude and ended up making great friends and finding out that she is a pretty incredible person herself! We love our Millie!! Her feet did give her problems but with no pride she gladly rode in a wheelchair and held her head high. In fact, her wheelchair was used by many friends and she just laughed and let them have their fun. Millie knows the gospel is true and her testimony grew from this wonderful experience. Thank you to all the wonderful friends who pushed her, carried her on their backs, and just showed her love during the hard times.

More Summer Fun for the Carter Family

Nana with her Beautiful Smile
Amazing Millie waterskiing!

Go Olivia you are looking great!
Nana helping Gabi with her first attempt to waterski. She tried hard but couldn't quite get up :(
three gorgeous babes catching some rays!
Nana Liz and Papa Vaughn are always so kind and invite our family to go to Ririe Resevoir (I can't spell such a hard word ha ha). We had a super fun time water skiing, tubing, and eating!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Livy lives life this summer

roasting marshmallows after kidnapping Olivia on her birthday!
What a birthday bouquet!
Lauren is the gothic girl Eric the retired rich and beautiful teacher, Olivia as the new yuppie in the neighborhood and the huge gossip, Millie (poor Mil) she was Olivia's daughter and just a high school student, Ashlyn was the librarian and a total germ freak (she was my favorite because she was so funny!) and Jasmine as the town Mayor. Don't you think they look awesome!
Harry Potter at 3:00a.m.
some of the guests at the dinner party
Here we have the Murder Mystery Group. These kids are amazing, they all dressed up way good, and they acted just like their characters. It was a super fun party!
the goofy girls laughing and just having tons of fun
Olivia laughing even her face makes you want to laugh, it is the best!
who knows what they are doing just being silly but having fun!
Since graduation Olivia and her friends have played none stop. They do everything! And all the time they are having fun you can always hear Olivia's laugh! It is the best! It comes from her belly and hearing it just makes you laugh! She has great friends and they are having so much fun because after this summer their lives will never be the same.
Some girls are going to Utah State in Utah, some girls to BYU Provo, some girls and guys BYU Idaho, some boys leaving on their missions, so this is the summer to remember!
They have been boating, bridge jumping, bike riding, murder mystery party, movies, laughing, pulling birthday kidnappings, and playing at the park. I have probably left things out but I am so happy that Olivia has great friends and they have pure clean fun!!! :)