Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daddy's and Daughters

Three beautiful girls
Daddy's, Daughter's and Dates!!!
Just Daddys and daughters
Daddy and Liv
Corsage's are so much easier than than having to pin the flower on the guy! Girls have it so much harder !

Dad's and Dates ha ha ha

Liv did this all by herself !!!
Too Cool for School
Liv and Soren looking great
The three ladies in waiting
the three men in black

The three girls all got ready at Lauren's house. That in itself was a miracle!! Three girls in one bathroom. But the real fun happened when the dates arrived and Bishop Evans gave them each a interview!! Erika was dying and begging for him to stop, Liv and Lauren were just laughing. The boys took it all in fun and we got some super cute pictures of them by the front door. Then off to the dinner at the Gannoway's house, then to the dance, and Bishop Evans made it very clear he wanted all three girls home by the Sabbath! (The dance doesn't even end until midnight, so I hope they decide to stay for the last dance and then bring the girls home :) Bishop Evans is one strict guy!!!

Getting ready for the Dance

Millie was the main helper and goofer
Best Buds looking darn cute
Two pink twins and both so sparkly
putting on fake nails and looking like they are about to kill someone!! :)
SISTERS! There were never so devoted SISTERS!

The Day Date

The Evidence of an Ice Cream Fight!
The two devil's that started it all, with Erika and angel in the background (she was in no way innocent)

Three beautiful ice creamed girls

Trying to push your date over the edge

Homecoming Week:)

This week was Madison High School homecoming week! it was such a blast. Olivia and Millie played powderpuff on Wednesday.. and they both were beasts! Millie stopped a touchdown, Livia tackled every girl she could.. and they even got to play each other! and then on Saturday was the dance. Olivia looked so beautiful!:) it was just a great week!