Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daddy's and Daughters

Three beautiful girls
Daddy's, Daughter's and Dates!!!
Just Daddys and daughters
Daddy and Liv
Corsage's are so much easier than than having to pin the flower on the guy! Girls have it so much harder !

Dad's and Dates ha ha ha

Liv did this all by herself !!!
Too Cool for School
Liv and Soren looking great
The three ladies in waiting
the three men in black

The three girls all got ready at Lauren's house. That in itself was a miracle!! Three girls in one bathroom. But the real fun happened when the dates arrived and Bishop Evans gave them each a interview!! Erika was dying and begging for him to stop, Liv and Lauren were just laughing. The boys took it all in fun and we got some super cute pictures of them by the front door. Then off to the dinner at the Gannoway's house, then to the dance, and Bishop Evans made it very clear he wanted all three girls home by the Sabbath! (The dance doesn't even end until midnight, so I hope they decide to stay for the last dance and then bring the girls home :) Bishop Evans is one strict guy!!!

Getting ready for the Dance

Millie was the main helper and goofer
Best Buds looking darn cute
Two pink twins and both so sparkly
putting on fake nails and looking like they are about to kill someone!! :)
SISTERS! There were never so devoted SISTERS!

The Day Date

The Evidence of an Ice Cream Fight!
The two devil's that started it all, with Erika and angel in the background (she was in no way innocent)

Three beautiful ice creamed girls

Trying to push your date over the edge

Homecoming Week:)

This week was Madison High School homecoming week! it was such a blast. Olivia and Millie played powderpuff on Wednesday.. and they both were beasts! Millie stopped a touchdown, Livia tackled every girl she could.. and they even got to play each other! and then on Saturday was the dance. Olivia looked so beautiful!:) it was just a great week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lava Hot Springs!:)

Wednesday we all got to go to lava hot springs! its a favorite summer activity:) each girl got to bring a friend so it was quite the party! All of the seminary teachers and their families came to so everyone had a blast!

Monday, July 26, 2010

bRiDgE jUmPiNg...&...oLiViAs ! 17 BiRtHdAy!:)

This past week our cousins, Lacie and Dawson, came and stayed with us for a few days. it was so fun and we played the whole time! we went to the drive in, rigby lake, bridge jumping, and floated the canal. It was so much fun! then on saturday is was olivia's 17 birthday. Her friends threw her a great surprise party on thursday so we had a little family party on saturday! we hope she had a great day! we love you Liv!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gabi and Daddy's Four Wheeling Date

Super Cute Posing Gabi
Having fun resting on the rocks
Gabi looking ready to ride
Posing for the camera I still can't figure out how they took this picture???:0
Ready Set Go!!!

Daddy and Gabi went on a 4-wheeling date. Daddy took Gabi up by the hills of Green Canyon. They had tons of fun. Anytime any of us girls gets Daddy one on one we are thrilled! Gabi is way different than Issy, she didn't want to drive, there were way to many bugs to eat lunch outside, and most of all after about 2 hours she had had ENOUGH!! Twins maybe but not twin behaviors. Each girl likes different things. Issy outside things and fast moving things and Gabi girly things all types of girly things. But all in all it was a great day date with Daddy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picnic dinner at Old Faithful
Total goonie birds
one .... two....
Fun family We miss you Elder Carter!!!

More pics from our "BIG" summer vacation

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yellowstone and the Playmill our "BIG" summer vacation

Carter Chicks swimming
Total Cheesers at the Swimming hole
Issy and Gabi were so happy to get a picture with the Beautiful Belle!
Looking happy :) (not really) everyone was mad at daddy for making us eat at this table instead of at the park.

Livy had to sit at the NO MAYO table! She can't even stand to be around it. Poor poor Olivia

Abbie and Brek were coming up to Rexburg to go to Kinzie's wedding so we decided to make it our vacation. All of our hearts were praying for the Sullenger Family because we had just learned that little Preslee had passed away. We were heart-broken and deeply saddened for Ashley and Pat. We were really hoping for a miracle. We know that many miracles happened within our little family; we prayed more, we spoke kinder to each other, we were all hoping with all of our hearts that little Preslee could live. We checked their beautiful blog about every 10 minutes and their sweet family were always in our minds and hearts. We love you Pat and Ashley and thank you for letting us be apart of your story, our family is forever changed for good.

We needed to be happy for Kinzie Hawkins (beautiful bride) so we tried our best to put on a happy face and went to her beautiful reception. The next morning we packed up the car and packed up the kids and off we went to Yellowstone. We were so lucky to see "Beauty and the Beast" and the Playmill. Then we drove to Firehole swimming hole and all the kids swam. It looked like so much fun! Then to top it all off we drove to Old Faithful had a delicious picnic dinner, watched a mountain man and mountain women get married (super cute with fringe jackets and everything :) they kissed each other as man and wife and Old Faithful erupted in the back ground!!!

We love it when Abs and Brek get to come home! We all miss them, but enjoy so much when they come to visit. We had a great summer trip and are very grateful for families. We have learned so much during the last week, family is what really matters! Thank you again Ashley and Pat and sweet little Preslee for changing our lives for Good.