Thursday, March 18, 2010

Livy with Sara the winner of Jr Miss 2010

Grandpa Dearden couldn't be prouder of his Liv. Here he is giving her some beautiful flowers!
Liv and Her escorts! They were so amazing. Perfect gentlemen. Zach Fuller, Ben Orchard, Jared Nygren, and Jared Blanchard!
Two beautiful girls, one is our winner Olivia and the other is Sara the judges winner!
Best friends and both so very happy. We were so happy that Sara won she was amazing!
Jr. Miss was a long process, sometimes horrible early morning practices, competitive girls, working on your talent endlessly, but in the end we all think that Sara is the girl who deserved to win. Her talent was spectacular, her poise was so very graceful, and she rocked at fitness! If our Olivia couldn't win then Sara was a great choice :)

Olivia is our favorite Jr Miss!!!

We were all so proud of Livy, especially Sean. Really we had to beg him to kiss Liv on the check in front of "her Daddy"!
Olivia Erika and Lauren were all so beautiful! They had a great time and were all winners in our opinion.
The Carter girls couldn't be prouder of Olivia!!! They are all so beautiful!! Two girls down and three to go!
Olivia was contestant #22. She answered her question perfectly, walked with great poise, sang her song beautifully, and did fitness the best!
She walked away with no real awards but she said that she did her best and felt really good about herself! We couldn't be happier!!
Daddy loves his Liv! I am sure you couldn't find a prouder father anywhere in the auditorium !