Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once There Was A Snowman!!!!!

Liv and Mil way too cool for school. On Presidents day break they decided to build a snowman! They decided they would be designer snowmen builders! Wouldn't you just die to be able to have such attractive one piece snowsuits!
Millie is looking to sweet and innocent ha ha look at Liv and Ashlyn in the back! They are totally making fun of sweet little ol' Mil Miest!!!
Elder Carter is Back and it looks like he has put on a little weight and is desperately in need of a tan!
Olivia, Millie, and Ashlyn were enjoying the sunshine and made their brother (Elder Carter) a missionary snowman!
The girls had a ton of fun building their snowman and we get lots of honks and cheers from people driving up and down the road seeing our cute Elder Carter Missionary Snowman! We LOVE you Hayden! Missionaries are the BEST!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Big MTC Day

Here is the family at the Missionary Training Center sign
Having a super fun breakfast at IHOP! It was Yummy and Fun!
Elder Carter with Grandma and Grandpa Carter
The whole family with the Grandma and Grandpa Carter!
Grandpa Dearden and Betty Ann and Elder Carter we let him wear "service" clothes this day even though he was already set apart! Grandpa is looking a little pale but we are hoping and praying for a complete recovery! :)
We had a great day! We were all a little sad but it turned out to be a day of love. We know that we left Elder Carter in the Lord's hands and the MTC had the most happy loving feeling ever! We went to Utah to see the Grandparents. Grandpa Dearden was released from the hospital on Monday and seemed to be re-cooperating fine. Grandma Carter was released Tuesday afternoon to her home. We are so happy she is home! Hayden had a great time visiting with her. We are all praying for a miracle that she will make it until all her grandson missionaries make it home safe. Then we drove down to Provo and ate at IHOP! It was so much fun. There were about five other missionaries there all going around the world. TIP: Missionaries get their meal for FREE!!!!! :) We then drove to the MTC and took the pics. The tears were starting but under control. We then walked up to the temple and took one last family picture (minus our great son-in-law COLLEGE you can't miss or you get way behind) and then got in our car and drove to the drop off spot. LOVE is all you could feel, from every Elder that you saw! We unloaded Hayden's luggage, he grabbed is backpack and we gave him one final hug and then my very favorite son said "Ok Elder let's get to work!" Off they went and Hayden never looked back, if you look close you can see him entering the doors on the picture. I am so proud of my favorite missionary son! He was ready, willing, worthy, and excited to begin his mission!!! We love Elder Carter!

"The Big MTC Day!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hayden's Wonderful Farewell!:)

Abbie, Hayden, Olivia, Millie, Issy, Gabi

Dad, Hayden, Mom

Betty Ann, Hayden, Grandpa Dearden

Hayden and his future wife Lauren
( thats what she thinks anyways;)

All of the Cousins

This last Sunday was Hayden's farewell! We can't believe how close February 10 is getting! Because Mother Nature did not cooperate with us, and the roads were HORRIBLE some of the family could not make it, but it was great anyways. His talk was.. well of course... FABULOUS! Tons of friends and family came to watch and everyone felt the spirit after his strong testimony. Afterwards, everyone came to our house to eat delicious soups that my mom and her friends made. And of course there was a huge selection of treats! It was so fun to visit with everyone. We are so proud of our Hayden for making the choice to serve the Lord. He will be an awesome missionary. WE LOVE YOU HAYD!!!!!:)

Heidi, Hayden, Jennah

Mitch, Cory, Lance, Rhett, Hayden, Kyle, Brady

Eating the DELICIOUS soups

Lacie, Millie, Lauren, Olivia, Emily, and Erika

Rhett, Hayden, Jamie, Kyle, Brady