Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hayden's Wonderful Farewell!:)

Abbie, Hayden, Olivia, Millie, Issy, Gabi

Dad, Hayden, Mom

Betty Ann, Hayden, Grandpa Dearden

Hayden and his future wife Lauren
( thats what she thinks anyways;)

All of the Cousins

This last Sunday was Hayden's farewell! We can't believe how close February 10 is getting! Because Mother Nature did not cooperate with us, and the roads were HORRIBLE some of the family could not make it, but it was great anyways. His talk was.. well of course... FABULOUS! Tons of friends and family came to watch and everyone felt the spirit after his strong testimony. Afterwards, everyone came to our house to eat delicious soups that my mom and her friends made. And of course there was a huge selection of treats! It was so fun to visit with everyone. We are so proud of our Hayden for making the choice to serve the Lord. He will be an awesome missionary. WE LOVE YOU HAYD!!!!!:)

Heidi, Hayden, Jennah

Mitch, Cory, Lance, Rhett, Hayden, Kyle, Brady

Eating the DELICIOUS soups

Lacie, Millie, Lauren, Olivia, Emily, and Erika

Rhett, Hayden, Jamie, Kyle, Brady


Matt and Jami said...

We are so sad we missed it, but we are SO PROUD of Elder Carter!! We love you Hayden and we are praying for you!!

Joel and Mic said...

He did such a great job! We were so glad we were there. I love the pics of all 6 kids. they all look so happy. Hayden looks just like Kelly, By the way, and Keri, your hair rocked! Love you guys!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

OH I'm sad we missed that! He's going to be such a great missionary, and your family is so stinkin cute.

Jeff and Heidi said...

How exciting! He will do a great job! Cute pics.

Kristine said...

Your family is so Beautiful! And they are such good kids! I miss you guys! Congrats Hayden! Have fun at the MTC! (I really don't like going there! I cry the whole time! But it is a wonderful experience!) LOVE YOU!