Monday, May 18, 2009

Seminary Graduation!

Sunday night Hayden graduated from seminary! Because he was the seminary council president, he had to speak at the graduation! He did absolutely AMAZING!!!!:) He talked about coming alive through Christ. He just did awesome! grandpa Dearden and Betty Ann came up Saturday and brought their 2 dogs which are the sister and mom of our dog! So it was fun to watch them play!! And then on Sunday Aunt Lisa, Lacie, and Grandma Carter came up. So we all went to the graduation together! it was fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hayden's dance!

Hayden went to the senior prom (commencement) with a girl named Taylor Ballard. For their day date they went four wheeling with three other couples. Hayden and Taylor got the dirtiest! because they refused to go around the puddles of water and instead went straight through them.
Hayden enjoyed wearing a top hat and received compliments that he looked like Joseph Smith! He thought that was pretty cool! :) She wore a very big, beautiful orange dress! So hayden wore his tux and an orange tie. The looked very cute together! and Hayden had a very fun time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hayden Finally got his Eagle!!!!

On Tuesday, Hayden finally got his scouting eagle! we were all so proud! During his court of honor Olivia, Millie, Hayden, Valerie Hart, and Spencer Hart( he got his eagle with hayden) all sang! they did awesome! :) Even though hayden finished all of his projects and things one month before, we were still happy he got it! After the court of honor nana liz made billions of cookies! they were delicious! We are so proud of Hayden! GOOD JOB BUD! WE LOVE YOU!!!