Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hayden Finally got his Eagle!!!!

On Tuesday, Hayden finally got his scouting eagle! we were all so proud! During his court of honor Olivia, Millie, Hayden, Valerie Hart, and Spencer Hart( he got his eagle with hayden) all sang! they did awesome! :) Even though hayden finished all of his projects and things one month before, we were still happy he got it! After the court of honor nana liz made billions of cookies! they were delicious! We are so proud of Hayden! GOOD JOB BUD! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Dee Ann Carter said...

You did it! And just in the nick of time!!

Abbie said...

Like father like son.... haha Good Job bucket head!!! We are so proud of you!! See you soon Love you!

Matt and Jami said...

Good job Hayd! Love you!