Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello, Olivia here. Just thought I would take a turn writing a post. Over Labor Day Weekend we had our annual CARTER FAMILY REUNION! Do you know what this means? All us Carter's cram in our house all weekend (Luckily we have a cousin that recently moved here so all the cramming was split in half. WAHOO!) Meals are served in the garage, crafts are covering the floor, boys wake up at 6.... AM to go golfing, and most importantly we all participate in.... can I get a drum roll please............ THE CARTER FAMILY GAMES!!!! HOORAH!

Meet The Blue Team

The Green Mean Fightin' Machines

The Orange.... um.. Players!

The Yellow "No time for pictures" Team

and of course the best saved for last
The Pink everyone else STINKS TEAM! AKA we run this shindig.
Our weekend consists of planning the games so all the other peeps can have a good time. That's right we do it all for you Family, and I would have say this was one heck of a reunion!

Now before i give you the whole LOW DOWN in pictures let me explain how these little games all work out. As you see above we split our family into four teams. Finding out what team you are on is the best. Before we started us pinkies hid easter eggs around the yard. Everyone had to find their egg which was their team color. This one is my favorite. I get to enjoy watching them all run wild as they try to find their egg. HA HA. After this is done the Games BEGIN!! These are tough games people, seriously we have cheering, running, cookie shovin', bums being slapped with newspaper, Simon says, and if we are lucky we also get to see some girlies WETTING their britches (if ya know what I'm sayin')!

Here we go lets see this all in action shall we....

The Games were AWESOME and congrats the THE GREEN TEAM! They won First place with the lovely reward: A PLUNGER :)

What made this weekend perfect was well this...
(Highlight then right click and click 'openURL' to watch)

YES our family is very proud of our hard work and awesome dance skills. Thank you to me for editing and and thank you to Millie and Lacie (and me again) for choreographing and lastly thank you to mike for being our lovely video man.

Thank you Family for spending the weekend with us! We were sad for those that couldn't make it this year, but don't worry next year will be even more ROCKIN!

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Abbie said...

LIV I LOVE IT!!!!! You did such a good job and I am still way way sad we couldn't come! WHat would we do without Liv, Mil and Lac you all better never move to far away because the reunion just won't be as fun without you doing all the work!