Monday, August 22, 2011


Millie is one brave girl. She went to EFY in Provo all by herself, she didn't know anyone in her group or even her roommate. She went with a great attitude and ended up making great friends and finding out that she is a pretty incredible person herself! We love our Millie!! Her feet did give her problems but with no pride she gladly rode in a wheelchair and held her head high. In fact, her wheelchair was used by many friends and she just laughed and let them have their fun. Millie knows the gospel is true and her testimony grew from this wonderful experience. Thank you to all the wonderful friends who pushed her, carried her on their backs, and just showed her love during the hard times.


Jami said...
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Matt and Jami said...

EFY is amazing, Im glad Millie got to go! Her poor feet though, I had no idea they still gave her problems. It looks like Livy is having a fun summer too! Miss you and love you!