Thursday, August 4, 2011

Livy lives life this summer

roasting marshmallows after kidnapping Olivia on her birthday!
What a birthday bouquet!
Lauren is the gothic girl Eric the retired rich and beautiful teacher, Olivia as the new yuppie in the neighborhood and the huge gossip, Millie (poor Mil) she was Olivia's daughter and just a high school student, Ashlyn was the librarian and a total germ freak (she was my favorite because she was so funny!) and Jasmine as the town Mayor. Don't you think they look awesome!
Harry Potter at 3:00a.m.
some of the guests at the dinner party
Here we have the Murder Mystery Group. These kids are amazing, they all dressed up way good, and they acted just like their characters. It was a super fun party!
the goofy girls laughing and just having tons of fun
Olivia laughing even her face makes you want to laugh, it is the best!
who knows what they are doing just being silly but having fun!
Since graduation Olivia and her friends have played none stop. They do everything! And all the time they are having fun you can always hear Olivia's laugh! It is the best! It comes from her belly and hearing it just makes you laugh! She has great friends and they are having so much fun because after this summer their lives will never be the same.
Some girls are going to Utah State in Utah, some girls to BYU Provo, some girls and guys BYU Idaho, some boys leaving on their missions, so this is the summer to remember!
They have been boating, bridge jumping, bike riding, murder mystery party, movies, laughing, pulling birthday kidnappings, and playing at the park. I have probably left things out but I am so happy that Olivia has great friends and they have pure clean fun!!! :)

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