Monday, June 18, 2012

it's been forever since we posted sorry mom has been sick

this is right before mom went in for surgury, mom was really nervous so Abbie let her secret slip about the baby to give mom something to live for.
the medicine is working pretty good mom is is lala land
Mom trying to say I love you to daddy because mom was really scared she was going to die.
mom was really good at faking she felt good and putting a smile on her face.
here she as FATTY PATTY this was her before she lost the 40 pounds!

Since about the month of January Mom Carter has been really really sick. She hasn't been able to eat anything or if she tried everything went right through her. We went to doctor after doctor and no one could figure out what was wrong with her. We did find out that she did have some lumps in her breast that needed to come out and that really scared her and that didn't help with the stress of not feeling well. Finally we found a doctor who listened, really listened and we found out it was her gall bladder. After losing 40 pounds and 100% of her energy on May 16th we got the gall bladder taken out, the breast lumps taken out (no malignant lumps) Yea!! and we started on the road to recovery. Sorry to let you know it has been very slow. Mom was so low when she went into surgery from not eating for five months that she is still not feeling very well and needs to take a nap everyday. Through lots of prays and fasting we all know that she will get better, it might take time but that is good because time is what we have. Good luck mom we love you and we want you to get feeling better!!!


D'Neill said...

Oh Sister Carter, we are praying for you!!! Get well soon and keep us posted!!

Ashton & Co. said...

OH Keri... those pics make me sad to see...hope you are getting to feel better. Thinking of you!! Excited for December for your family! :)

Kristine said...

Keri I hope your feeling better! It sounds like you have had a rough year. I hope things get better! I miss you all. I might be coming up this fall so I'll stop by and say hi if I do! Miss you!