Sunday, August 31, 2008


On the 23rd we got invited to go boating with our family friends the Stephensons. We all love going baoting with them! Except for Abbie who decided to stay home. we love going on the tubes and trying to waterski! ;) My dad and Hayden love wrestling on the "couch" and everyone who went with them got thrown off the tube in the next two seconds! Nana Liz and Papa Vaughn were the driver and it was their job to get all of us in the lake. Later Hayden found his friends and decided to go with them, so for the rest of the time it was just mom,dad,olivia,millie,issy and gabby. By the end of the trip we were all so tired and some of us fell asleep on the way home. It is always so fun going bating! we all love it!


Michelle said...

I didn't know you started a blog! Good job guys! I will put you on my list- you better update often! :) So fun to see your family!

D'Neill said...

We manage to hunt you down anywhere, even on the internet :) We're SOOO sorry we couldn't make it to Abbie's reception. You guys made such a huge effort to come to ours, and we felt bad we couldn't get away. I hope the day was great!