Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're back! Our computer has been down for a long time and we finally got it fixed! Our lives have been pretty always! :) We finally got a puppy! thanks to grandpa Dearden! Her name is Elphaba, but we all call her Elphie! She is SO cute and we love her! Hayden says she is the queen of the house and we treat her like gold ( well we do!) ha but we love her! We went down to utah for Easter and had a great time with the family! we finally got to see Abbie an Brek! It was so awesome! Millie had her birthday on March 23. She is now 14! AHH!! She got zebra everything!! she loved it! Hayden broke his leag in March. He broke the two bones in his leg and now has a titanium rod down his leg. He broke it playing church ball! Holy cow, is that game intense! ;) haha. He finally got off his crutches but still has to walk with a boot. Hayden will be graduating on May 21! Its crazy how everyone is growing up so fast!! Olivia got her license in Febuary! so she is now driving and we even bought a new car!! The twins are the same, wild and crazy! But they are pretty awesome! haha. Cheer and sports are over! Hallelujah!!! The girls didn't even try out for next year..its going to be great!! Hayden would be playing baseball but because of his condition he doesn't get too. :( The shurtleff's came down for conference weekend! we had an absolute blast!! We played wii! it was this way fun game where you had to dance!! everyone played!! it was so fun! It was hilarious to watch uncle tim and our dad play!! ;) That about sums up our life for the past while!! Its been crazy like always! :)


Abbie said...

That makes me so so happy that you updated!! I am way happy that your computer is fixed!!! I love you all so much and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Dee Ann Carter said...

I love the pics. Uncle Kelly looks like he's having fun dancing around. We need to come up again and visit! We miss you guys.. I need to get Hayden set up with my niece. Love ya!
Go Grocery Smarts!! ;0)

Jami said...

Im glad to see you are back in the blogging world! I missed you guys over easter! You wont know what to do with no cheerleaders or sports going on in your house! Love you!