Friday, October 2, 2009

Twin Terror Triathlites!!

On Sept. 26 Gabi and Issy competed in their first triathlon. The did so good and had so much fun!:) Enjoy the pictures!


Abbie said...

They are the cutest tri athletes in the whole wide world!!! I love them!! I am so proud of who ever posted these!!! And Olivia looks beautiful!! I am so happy that you posted these!!! I love you all sooooooooooooo much!!

Joel and Mic said...

THat is so great they did that! What a fun experience! Tell Olivia she looked beatiful at her dance and Millie did a great job today at Tess' party!

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

OH my gosh it looks like those girls have WAY to much fun! and Olivia looks SOO beautiful! You have such good looking family! It was great seeing you in your yard the other day!