Monday, June 14, 2010

Carter Girls Crazy Photo Shoot

I am the luckiest Mom in the world to have 5 of the most beautiful daughters!!
Abbie got to come up and visit for the weekend. She is the photographer in the family and thought taking some crazy pictures would be very fun! The girls were so clever! I love my Carter girls!!!
Millie is so silly she was making all the girls bust a gut laughing!!!
Elbow Elbow
wrist wrist
wipe a tear and

I is for Isabelle
A is for Abbie
O is for Olivia
M is for Millie
G is for Gabrielle
the crazy carter girls are about the cutest girls in the whole wide world! (they are a little cheesy! goofy! confused?!? and just plain wonderful!!)
We had a fun time taking pictures and laughing! I love you all girls!


Matt and Jami said...

you do have some adorable daughters, thats for sure!! The pictures are so cute! Love you!

Jeff and Heidi said...

Super cute pictures! You guys look great.

April said...

I love the pics! So fun!

Kristine said...

You sure do have some great daughters! LOVE the pics. Looks like fun! Miss you all!