Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July that lasted FOREVER!!! FOR EVER!!!

As the Carter Family goes we have ideas of what is "we have to" happen on certain holidays. 4th of July is a "we have to holiday." We have to go to the parade, we have to have new 4th of July shirts, we have to have a bar-b-que, we have to watch SANDLOT, and we have to watch the fireworks in Idaho Falls. Well, all the "have to's" didn't quite work out this year and needless to say mom and dad feel like this one day holiday of Independence Day lasted longer than Christmas!
We tried to go to the parade in cute shirts but the twins were asked to pass out fliers and missed most of the parade, the rest of the family sat on our blanket and chairs and tried to watch the parade. Instead all we saw were little kids and their moms because they had to get the CANDY! We couldn't really see any of the parade! Then poor Olivia in extreme pain ending up in the ER as soon as the parade ended. Then a put together quick bar-b-que which was fun because Art and Fran could come over and then sitting on our roof in boring Rexburg to watch the fireworks! But it still wasn't over these events all happened on the 3rd of July. We still "had to" watch SANDLOT on Sunday and we still had a very sick Olivia and on Monday night "we had" to light our fireworks which were total duds! This holiday lasted F O R E V E R FOR EVER just like they say in SANDLOT! Happy 4th of July!! Hooray it's over!!!

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