Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Isabelle's Christmas in July!!!

Isabelle posing on her 4 wheeler! She loves to drive and drive really fast!
Daddy and Issy posing for the camera, they hung the camera in a tree! CLEVER!! :)

Issy sitting on the 4 wheeler just relaxing!
Daddy and Issy looking pretty professional
the 4 wheeler is a little big but Issy loves to drive!
Daddy let her drive the whole time, he said that they only tipped 2 times and he was able to save them from tipping all the way over!!!
On Monday July 5th Issy and her Daddy went on a four wheeling date! Sunday night she couldn't fall asleep because she was so excited! She finally went to sleep and then woke up 4 times during the night because she didn't want to miss her date!
Issy and Dad packed up a lunch in the morning, and then loaded the 4 wheeler onto the trailer and off they went together to Webster's Dam! Just the two of them! To Isabelle this was better than Christmas she was able to do what she loves (4 wheeling) with someone she loves (her daddy)!!
Merry Christmas to Isabelle!

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